Emotional Tune-up

Everyone takes his or her car in for a tune-up so it will run properly and without any problems. But how many people take their mind for an emotional tune-up? Just like a car needs to be in shape, and tuned up to perform at an optimal level, the mind requires maintenance as well. Keeping your mind in optimal performance should be a priority because the mind runs and controls everything, not only within you, but also outside of you as well.

Most people are afraid to be in touch with their feelings, so instead of dealing with them, they suppress them. There is a lot of fear and negative emotions surrounding the topic of mental health. The word mental health often has negative associations or connotations. When simply explained, mental health is a technical, clinical term for a person’s emotional well being. People are afraid to be labeled, or think that they might be crazy, if they admit that they are having emotional issues; when in fact, these people are only incongruent. What I mean by incongruent is, often a person is looking for answers to their problems from the outside world, instead of going inside themselves and communicating with their unconscious. The solutions to our emotional problems are always within us; most just haven’t been taught how to communicate within their own inner self to find the answers.

If a person is diagnosed with depression or anxiety by his or her family doctor or psychiatrist, the practitioner will give them medication, hoping that it will relieve their symptoms. In my opinion, anxiety is nothing but fear + fear + fear = anxiousness + fear = panic. The main emotion is fear, so when it is dealt with at the root cause, the feeling of anxiety will be gone. Depression is caused by sadness and emotional hurt, and it could have guilt or fear connected to it; when these emotions are dealt with, the depression will be gone.

Wherever you turn, people are bombarded with programs, procedures, and gimmicks to lose weight, look younger, and improve their physical appearance. So much emphasis is put on our looks, but very often our emotional well being is ignored. There is a widespread belief that if you look better on the outside, you will automatically feel better on the inside. But if you do not deal with your emotional baggage, it does not matter how much you change your external appearance, you will never be satisfied and at peace on the inside. Don’t misunderstand me, I am not saying that getting into physical shape is not a good thing — it is very important to be physically healthy; but if the mind is not clear of negative feelings like worry, fear, and sadness, you will never be at peace, no matter how much work you do on the outside.

Many people will try to lose weight or get in shape, but if their minds are not tuned up and their focus unclear, most will fail, and this will bring about disappointment. This disappointment and frustration will create more negative beliefs, such as not being good enough, or smart enough, to deserve to look and feel better. Often people get so discouraged because the results aren’t happening fast enough or easy enough, they begin to say to themselves, ‘what is the use?’ and then they make a decision to give up and live a poor, unhealthy lifestyle. These results are the creation of limited beliefs.

In our society, people have many limited beliefs. You may have learned them from your family, friends, colleagues, school, or society, but it does not mean that these beliefs support who you are as an individual. Some limited beliefs that people could have are: I’m too short; too old; too young; not smart enough; not good enough; having too much makes you greedy; money is the root of all evil, etc. By having these limited beliefs, they will impede growth and evolvement in your physical and emotional being.

Some people believe the opposite: they are smart enough, good enough, and worthy enough; and with this belief system, they will be able to achieve their outcome. Remember, if you are rich or poor, healthy or sick, smart or not, what determines which one you are is based only on your belief system, and nothing else. So it is very important to fi nd the right belief system that supports you, and change any limiting beliefs you may have. All beliefs are determined only by making a decision, and belief systems can be easily changed.

You have one life to live. Begin to take control of it, be responsible for yourself, look for what is already good within you, and then fi nd the right resources to help you change the things you do not like about yourself. When you take responsibility for how you feel and take action, only then, can life changes take place. With today’s fast-paced, busy, stressful lifestyles, now more than ever, it is important to make your emotional tune-up a priority. An emotional tune-up will leave you feeling passionate, excited, happy, peaceful, and ready to move towards a brighter future.

If you have any limited beliefs that are preventing you from living your life to the fullest, with optimal health and prosperity, then please call me. I can assist you to make changes that will allow you to feel empowered to accomplish anything you wish, easily and effortlessly. The power that you need is already inside of you. An emotional tune-up can assist you in finding this power, and teach you how to use it to your advantage. We all deserve to be happy and live the life that we desire!