Mind Your Business

The success or failure of any business is determined by a person’s state of mind and how they choose to respond to a given situation. When events occur, whether it is in our personal/family life or in our business/work life, there are two ways a person can choose to handle the situation. Some people “react” to a given circumstance and some people choose to respond in a proactive way.

We have all heard sayings like, “do you look at the glass as half full or half empty,” “a pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity while an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty,” “every cloud has a silver lining,” and “when written in Chinese the word ‘crisis’ is composed of two characters—one represents danger and the other opportunity.” But what kind of truth do these sayings hold? And how much do our thoughts, attitudes, and the way we choose to react to situations affect the outcome?

In the last few years we have all heard about a troubled global economy. There are fewer job opportunities and many people have lost their jobs and subsequently their homes because they were unable to make ends meet. And yet at the same time we see new companies emerge and new jobs being created. Some people struggle to find new opportunity after a job or business loss, while others seem to flourish in troubled times coming out further ahead of the game. But why are the outcomes often so different?

During difficult times many businesses choose to become “reactive”—they panic in fear of what is happening around them. They begin to worry and focus on what they may lose instead of what opportunities could be created to gain from the changing times. The worst thing a business can do is change their focus to a state of “survival” instead of becoming more innovative and proactive. In troubled times some companies choose to call in business “experts” or “coaches” to help them to revive their business. Many practices that once made their business successful are forgotten and/or discarded in an effort to improve the bottom line. Often experts or coaches suggest eliminating the expenses and or job positions that cost the company the most money without really examining the long term outcomes caused by doing this. In a poor economy businesses should invest in marketing and advertising just as they would in a normal healthy market, and yet you will see many tightening their purse strings rather than spending when it is needed most. Not to say money should be thrown to the wind… but it is important to research and measure what marketing and advertising works best for your business—disappearing from the consumer’s eye is certainly not to any businesses’ advantage.

As a clinical counsellor and mental coach, it is easy for me to recognize what the problem with all of this is—the problem is the “focus” and where the energy is being directed. Too often the focus is on what is not there or what is lacking. The problem may be money that is lacking, and rather than focus on strategies that can create more of it, the focus is put on how to survive with the limited amount. If the mind focused on new and innovative ideas to create new possibilities: new ways to bring in clients, new products to develop, and new ways to create wealth for a business, this energy would deliver all the resources required to accomplish a positive outcome.

In my personal experience, working in the clinical, sports and business coaching field, I have worked with many different people who faced many different challenges. The ones who succeeded were able to remain focused on the outcome they wanted and had a very proactive way of thinking. Yes, it is important to cut the waste and overspending, but then the focus must be on setting new goals and creating new strategies. This energy will direct a business in a new direction towards success.

Most importantly, you have to believe in possibilities, and then the opportunities will present themselves. Stay focused on your goals. In every economy there are individuals and corporations that seek opportunity and make a lot of money and create great things by staying on their path. If you are innovative, creative, and determined you will succeed. Surround yourself with people who have the same mindset and you will be successful.

For those of you who believe in creating new possibility in troubled times, kudos to you! For others who may be living in fear, and worry about the outcome, it is never too late to change this way of thinking. You can start by saying, “I don’t like the situation my business is currently in, and I don’t know how I’m going to change it, but I’m now going to believe that positive change is possible.” By making this simple shift you can begin to change your destiny.

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